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The International Choir Festival of Karpenisi is a non-competitive event established in 1988. In the festival event, participating choirs perform
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Social Events

Although promoting choral art and producing high-quality performances on stage are of primary importance to the organizing committee, the International
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This fall will feature some special shows that you’ll definitely remember. Starting with a spin-off of “The Recruit” in September that has a new yet twisted storyline, you will become a witness of all hidden deals of Boston Police Department.
Then, in October we have a new drama for you – “Lovers & Haters”. Discover how a young and promising pop star makes the way to the top in the cruel world of show business. Jane Bennett, who plays the role of Marta, the main heroine of the series, will definitely stun you with her acting skills.

November will feature an exclusive set of episodes of Traveling TV Show: Exploring Asia which is another spin-off of the well-known TV program.
But even last weeks of August will be special: from the next Monday you can get a chance to win a journey to UAE and personally meet with Mike Jakes and Katheleen O’Neil! To get the latest information about our contest and its rules, watch 33 Channel’s Travel TV Show every Friday evening at 7:00 PM.

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AV Choral Events: BULGARIA

PAST EVENTS Over the past few years, the AV Choral Event in Gabrovo has welcomed excellent choirs from Greece, Lithuania,
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AV Choral Events: ROMANIA

THE CITY OF PITESTI Pitești is a city in Romania, located on the Argeș River. The capital and largest city
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After the successful organization of 23 International Festivals and 17 International Choir Competitions in summer time, the organizing committee of
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music show

We have prepared an interesting set of concerts for you in a various range of styles.


33 Channel has made a quantum leap in television development of our country. It is hard to imagine the situation on TV without them.
Menashe Lev-Ran
Aenean nonummy hendrerit mau phasellu porta.
Gerard du Toit
Prof. George Paraschivescu