Holy Temple of Saint Evrytanes

The Holy Temple of Saint Evrytanes is a Greek Christian Orthodox Church dedicated to the local saints of the broader region of Evrytania. The temple was originally built in 1989 serving the local habitants with all the divine mysteries of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The local archbishop his holiness Georgios in collaboration with the temple’s priest Georgios Chrysafogheorgos have given the opportunity to all choirs participating in the International Choir Festival of Karpenisi to perform Christian Orthodox Program inside the premises of the Holy Temple. This event typically opens the International AV Choral Events each Thursday and participation to is optional. As a result of our respect to the local authorities, all songs are performed a capella excluding the use of music instruments or non-Christian songs.

The acoustic of the Temple is quite good, enabling excellent recording of the respective performances. Access to the Temple typically requires transportation using bus as it is located close to 20 minutes away from the city center by walk and 5 minutes by car.