Central Square of Karpenisi

The Central Square of Karpenisi has been for centuries the city center of the town. In the close proximity of the central square you will find most of the coffee shops, small shops with local products and restaurants as well as the old Mayor’s Hall. Just a few meters away from the central square of the city you will find the Cathedral Church of Karpenisi, a.k.a. the Holy Trinity Cathedral. This historic monument was built in the 17th century and the great work of the church is due largely to Eugene Giannoulis Aitolos who in 1645 found this place and decided to build a small church that was located in that position. This small church also served as the first school in the broader city of Evrytania for higher education.

The central square is the end point of the Festival parade, which is typically held on Saturday morning at 12.00. During the Festival parade, participating choirs wear their costumes and give a one-song-performance a capella in the presence of audience. The cantors mix up with the crowd and the friends of music, freely singing, dancing, tasting local foods and products.