Karpenisi belongs to the region of Evritania, which in part of Central Greece. Evrytania is an area with historical tradition, national supply with historical and archaeological sites, religious shrines and a natural beauty natural wealth. Evrytania has all the necessary elements to meet the requirements of all visitor types, offering serenity and relaxation, action and adventure.

The climate of Karpenisi is Mediterranean, continental mountain with mild winter and cool summer. It is a purely mountainous region, i.e. most of its territory to be located at an altitude of 1000 m., having a large aquatic wealth and vast forest area. A large part of Evrytania stretched over into the mainstream of Pindos. Not enclosed by mountains: Blank, Timfristos, Oxya, Panaitoliko, Xelidona and Kalliakouda. Traversed by rivers: Karpenisioti, Tavropos (Megdova) Agrafioti Krikelopotamo, Trikerioti and Acheloo. Notably, since 1965, the region of Evrytania hosts the artificial lake of Kremaston: the largest natural (geo) dam of Europe.

Ηalf of Evrytania is covered by forest. In the upper reaches of the mountains dominated by firs (christmas tree). Lower of, forests of oak, while below 1000 m., vegetation Mediterranean species such as strawberry trees, olives etc. A mountain valleys formed by the rivers, allow the creation of small, farm lands. Rich is also the fauna. Big mammals, such as bears, deer, wild boars, wolves and other smaller, they find refuge here. Various species of birds of prey and the wild trout of Episkopi lake complement the biodiversity of the place


Karpenisi can be accessed by car/bus using the main road network. Its favorable location in the heart of Greece, offers the festival visitors the opportunity to take a tour in attractive destinations in Greece, including Athens, Thessaloniki, Delphi, Meteora, Aighina Island, and so on, before (or after) the AV Choral Events.
The best way to explore and wonder around in Evrytania, known for its many natural beauties and major attractions, is to have your own transport. It is worth visiting places that the local transport and tours do not reach.

Car/bus: All choirs participating in the AV Choral Events reach Karpenisi using this type of transport. Karpenisi can be reached as follows:
Access from Athens: Use the national highway (E75) to reach to Lamia (220km from Athens). Then, you can use the national road E952 from Lamia to Karpenisi (78km). Total distance between Athens – Karpenisi is 300km and up to 4h road trip.
Access from Thessaloniki: Use the national highway (E75) to reach to Lamia (300km from Thessaloniki). Then, you can use the national road E952 from Lamia to Karpenisi (78km). Total distance between Athens – Karpenisi is 380km and up to 5h road trip.
Access from Aghrinio: You can follow two different routes a) Agrinio, Potamoula, Agios Vlasios, Karamanaiika, Chouni, Episkopi Bridge, East Fragkista, West Fragkista, Kalesmeno, Karpenisi (111 km), or b) Agrinio, Kainourgio, Paravola, Pantanassa, Prousos, Gavros, Karpenisi (81km). The road trip is less than 2.30h.

Indicative distance from major cities of Greece: Athens (290km – 4h), Thesaloniki (380km – 5h), Agrinio (80km – 2.30h), Patra (130km – 3.30h), Lamia (78km – 1.10h).

Public transport: Karpenisi can be reached using public buses (known as KTEL in Greece). Daily bus routes from Athens, Lamia and Agrinio can be booked via telephone (KTEL station for Lamia-Karpenisi: +30 2231051345, KTEL station for Athens-Karpenisi: 2108315991, KTEL station for Karpenisi-Athens/Lamia/Agrinio +30 22370080013, KTEL station for Agrinio-Karpenisi: 2641-54444).

Plane: Karpenisi has no airport facilities. Nonetheless, most of the choirs using plane transport typically reach Karpenisi by bus using the airports of Athens (300km) and Thessaloniki (380km).


The city of Karpenisi has been recently renovated with a long paved pedestrian road that can be used to access the city center. Most of the shops, cafeterias and restaurants in Karpenisi can be found near the central square of Karpenisi located at the city center (Plateia). Besides the city of Karpenisi, many routes in the near area worth visiting, including nearby villages and meeting spots. Most of the local villages have kept their traditional style and are located close to breathtaking natural landscapes of historical monuments.

Greek Orthodox Monastery of Panaghia (Madonna) near Proussos

Proussos Aerial View
This monastery is one of the most important pilgrim centers of Orthodoxy as it hosts the miraculous image of the Holy Mother of Prousiotissa, which is said to be painted by Luke the Evangelist himself. Believers flock to worship and receive the blessing from all parts of Greece and around the world. The monastery is located 28km away from Karpenisi (up to 40 minutes) and can be reached through a breathtaking route with cliffs, forests and rocky mountains. Historical evidence prove that the first hermit came to the cave at 7th or 8th century A.D.
The monastery hosts a cave-chapel where the icon is kept was decorated during 9th-12th century. The main temple is cross-shaped and was erected in 1754. You can see the main monastery buildings round the catholic, such as the monks’ cells, the bank and the guesthouse. The monastery majestically stands near the edge of a steep rock mountain, providing an amazing view to every pilgrim and visitor. The monastery has among other hostels for visitors and museum exhibiting photographs of 15th and 16th century, church relics and manuscripts but also part of the Georgios Karaiskakis weapons. On the way to the Prousiotissa Monastery, you will reach a rock where you can see on its back seven shapes of different colors. They say that those trails belong to the Virgin Mary. She left them there while passing by on her way to the cave, where the monastery was later built.

Greek Orthodox Monastery of Tatarna

Originally built in the 12th century, the historic monastery of Tartana is one of the most important monasteries of Central Greece, is located in western Evritania. The monastery is located close to 60km away from Karpenisi and can be reached through a fantastic route west of the village Tripotamos and near the artificial lake of Cremaston in a green landscape with outstanding views round the mountains and the lake.

Koryschades Village

The restored mansions and the atmosphere, the smell of wood burning in the fire, is breathtaking. You can visit the Museum of National Resistance. In May 1944 the first meeting of the National Board of Resistance was made here, where they decided to keep fighting the German Occupation. Right across the Koryschades, you will see remnants from ancient graves at the Paleokastro Cliff, as well as wall remnants which were once part of an ancient fortress. You will visit at the nearby “Koumasia” locale an impressive old monastery that was erected in 1650.

Fidakia Village

You will need approximately 25km from Karpenisi to find yourself in one of the most beautiful villages of Central Greece, the village of Fidakia. Cobblestone streets, old stone houses, flowered courtyards, well-preserved houses and picturesque square with the imposing church of the Birth of the Virgin compose the preserved settlement is built at an altitude of 1000 meters. Homely, comfortable environment, warmth, coziness and warm smile of people waiting where time seems stopped and idyllic landscape with views of the lake offers unique relaxing and carefree moments for all time.

Megalo and Mikro Chorio

Both villages can be found on the road to the Proussos Monastery and are very well-known tourist destinations. The Mikro Chorio (Small Village) is extremely picturesque providing the visitors very nice tavernas and coffee shops. In this village, you can visit there the Saint Kyriaki Church and the Museum, in the old school building. Not far way from the Mikro Chorio, you can find the Palaio Mikro Chorio, the previous village settlement, that has been covered by landslide in 1963. Megalo Chorio is very well known for its small roads, which worth a walk, as well as the Folk Museum with the traditional clothes, the handy tools, the knitware etc.

Proussos Village and Black Cave

Black Cave near Proussos
The village, which is very well known for the nearby Monastery and its local products, hosts two incredible towers, one at the entrance of the village and the other at its exit. The towers were built by the national hero of the 1821 Revolution Georgios Karaiskakis. The gorge of Black Cave is about 2 km from the village of Prousos. This is one of the most beautiful and impressive canyons of Evrytania. It takes its name from the famous Black Cave which was a refuge for local residents during the Ottoman period and during the German occupation. What makes the gorge of Black Cave special is the unique via ferrata route starting from the Black Cave. The visitor starts from a graphic stone spring next Prousou bridge and continues with a steep in places but quite passable trail through a forest of firs and as we approach the willow canyon waters will follow trees. The beautiful images follow one another with picturesque wooden bridges and waterfalls that offer swimming and steal the show until we reach the imposing Black Cave and the remaining ruins of the stone shelter.

Lake of Kremaston

The Lake of Kremaston is the largest and probably the most beautiful artificial lake in Greece. Created the 60s as a result of construction of the hydroelectric dam Kremaston, feed continuously from the Acheloos rivers Agrafioti, Tavropos and Trikerioti. It is situated between the prefectures of Aitoloakarnania and Evrytania which are connected with the bridge of Episkopi, is about 60 km from Agrinio and about 55 km from Karpenisi. The lake is very close to the monastery of Tatarna and the village of Fidakia. The creation of the lake directly affected the life of the then local residents as several villages were under the lake forcing them to leave their homes and properties. The incomparable beauty of the lake with its turquoise waters, fjords created and the numerous small islands scattered stand will really enchant the visitor making him think you’re in some exotic destination. Sporty but also action in general will not remain unsatisfied as this area one can try his luck in canoe kayak and the rafting.

Mount Velouchi, Ski Center and Alpine Lake

Lying at an altitude of 1,840 meters on Mount Timfristos, in an area known as Diavolotopos or Devil’s Place, the ski centre of Karpenissi (or Velouchi) actually offers heavenly skiing over an extended winter season, with excellent quality of snow. This is one of the most important ski resorts in the country with facilities having been improved and renovated in recent years. Keep in mind that Evrytania is known as the ‘Switzerland of Greece’. At winter time, there are 11 ski runs or slopes over eight kilometres, ranging between 1,750 and 2,100 meters in altitude. Two of these ski runs are considered advanced, six intermediate, and three very easy. Four chair lifts and six ski lifts are capable of carrying over 5000 persons per hour. At summer time, the mount Velouchi offers a unique opportunity for hiking through picturesque trails in the near area.

Near the Mount Velouchi (Tymfristos) you will find a small Alpine-type pond with a diameter of 25 meters. The lake retains almost constant state of all seasons. This is due to the melting of snow that cover the surrounding area which sometimes are kept until June and the existence of groundwater sources. This small pond used by migrant farmers to quench their animals that bring summer to feed on the rich pastures formed after the winter.

Panta Vrechi (Always Raining) Gorge

One of the most spectacular and beautiful areas of Evritania is the Panta Vrechi gorge located close to Doliana village. Its name is because an area of ​​the gorge, which does not exceed a length of 80m icy waters, with continuous and compact flow that decays over a large radius in small and large drops, creating a continuous artificial rain turning the already beautiful scenery magnificent. This site can only be reached in summer time and requires the use of a Jeep type plus hiking to approach the gorge. The wild beauty of the landscapes at the site will reward the journey towards it.

Meeting Points near Karpenisi

In the broader area of Karpenisi you will find a lot of interesting meeting points, including tavernas, coffee shops and shops with local products, that are recognized for their architecture, beautiful landscapes and great services. Some prominent examples include the Saloon Park (near Karpenisi), the River art Cafe (near Mikro Chorio), the Amadryades Cafe (Voutyro), the taverna Choriatiko (Mikro Chorio), Kefalovryso (near Karpenisi), Retro Cafe (Karpenisi), and many other places that are worth visiting.