River Art cafe-bistro

…Moments of creation, inspiration and taste in Evritania

In between the trees, “River Art” invites us to enjoy good food and drink coffee or drink in a place that exudes great taste and elegance. In the “heart” of Evrytania, by the waters of a small river, which restless rolls hastily to meet with the Karpenisiotis River, River Art is an original and magical multiplex, sculptured in stone, wood, taste and creative imagination! A fabulous place in an estate of 4 acres that operates as café – bar- bistro and art gallery. The innovative design of the rooms, the building materials from the forests of Evrytania, the striking floor painted all in hand, the fireplace formed in the cavity of a plane, the roof, even the incredible bathrooms with painted doors and walls … all bear the signature of the creative imagination. On the 1st floor the café – bar – bistro and upstairs cozy restaurant with a fireplace and windows with sweeping views. At this level has been created and a colorful playground.

In the garden of the estate, a doll house with stone and slate roof hosting a workshop – showroom. In this small space, the most improbable objects are transformed into small works of art! Wooden spoons, forks, beautiful hats, wood roll sheet for pies, large boxes, paintings on canvas, even shoes or clothing are getting a new lease of life by the worthy hands and imagination of Dora (the owner and architect of the place). Dora states …”Around me I have the endless beauty of Evrytania land that inspires me. You can bring me any of your favorite clothes and accessories you want and I will transform into something unique! The objects you see in my lab is symbolic prices as cost raw material in trade, because I want my visitors to have something from my job, which is not before encountered. With love, taste and style have the triptych of success! “.

For the festival purposes, this site will be transformed to a picturesque setting for incredible outdoor performances where the participating choirs will additionally have the opportunity to experiment with and taste the local cuisine, produce art by the river (following the instructions of the architect – artist Dora) and hear in person the details of constructing, architecting and bringing to life this incredible site. Participation to this event is optional. River art is located 7km away from the city center of Karpenisi and can be easily reached by the main road in less than 15 minutes by bus/car.