Saloon Park Karpenisi

Saloon Park, Karpenisi

…Park Equestrian Tourism & Adventure

In the little green valley of Saloon Park, Dolly, Charlie and their friends spend their time munching grass, enjoying the fresh air and contemplate the peaks Velouhi, Kaliakouda and Helidona. The SALOON theme PARK provides the visitors activities for all ages in a well organized and secure space, including horse riding, climbing rappel, archery, mountain bike riding as well as little Indian canoe, small train in the woods, trampoline and aerial passage over the little valley of the saloon.

Alongside you can find the Saloon bar, a wooden shelter which combines the beauty of the Greek nature and the tradition of the American south. Under the sounds of Classic Rock, South Rock Country and Blues. Over the past few years, the Saloon park is actively involved in the organization of festival events with local Greek artists. Located 4km away from the city of Karpenisi, the Saloon park can be easily reached through the main road.

For the festival purposes, the Saloon theme park provides a unique opportunity to become one with the nature, perform in the small wooden shelter inside the premises of the park in the presence of local audience and actively participate in the outdoor activities supported by the Saloon Park.